Our Locks

Developed and tested in the UK to comply with industry standards such as TS007 3 star rating, British Kitemark, Sold Secure and Secured by Design.


The euro cylinder on the door is the most important part of the locking system, the vast majority of euro cylinders on the market have a serious design flaw which means they can be bypassed and the door can be opened in seconds.

Anti snap protection

When attacked a hidden lock within the hardened Molybdenum cam fires into action to create a barrier that would-be intruders can’t get past.

tried, tested & some!

ABS 3 star rated locks are approved by the Police security initiative “Secured by Design” and are tested by the Master Locksmith Association, passing with the Sold Secure Diamond grade

multi-zone protection

ABS locks feature advanced technology to combat against lock snapping, picking, drilling and bumping. ABS is also stamped with the insurance preferred British Kitemark KM586153

How Does Anti Snap Protection Secure Your Home?

If an intruder attempts to snap your ABS lock a sacrificial section will deploy, This allows you to still operate the lock from the outside using the key but will prevent the intruder from accessing the second part of the cylinder preventing them access to your home.

Any attempt to further break the lock past the 2nd snap off point will result in active snap protection activating  to totally lock off the cam, Keeping the intruder out and your home and family safe.


No Compromise

Your lock has been tested by the Master Locksmith Association and has achieved the coveted Sold Secure Diamond standard.  ABS has a TS007 3 star rating and is British Kitemark stamped and approved by the British Standards Institute.  ABS has also met Police Preferred Specifications and has been accredited by Secured by Design. 
Put simply – There isn’t a UK test for a euro cylinder lock that ABS hasn’t achieved!

Anti-Bump Technology

Anti Snap Technology

Anti-Pick Trap Pins

16 Anti-Drill Pins

time to secure your home?

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